Can’t Find a Health Care Agent

Choosing the right health care agent is an important decision. It is always best to choose someone you trust to make medical decisions and have a discussion with that person.  However, there are times when you can’t identify a person you trust to make medical decisions that are person-centered, according to your wishes, religious and moral beliefs and in your best interest in circumstances where your wishes are not reasonably known and cannot be determined.

Remember your health care agent doesn’t have to be a family member.  You could choose a friend, a distant relative, a neighbor or someone at your place of worship. Remember it is important to choose the right health care agent.

If you are unable to choose a health care agent, it is important to complete a living will outlining your personal values, religious & moral beliefs, what matters most and makes life worth living. You should describe what types of treatments you would or would not want under different types of circumstances, such as:

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